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How can I remove viewers from my private blog?

  1. We have set up our blog as private and our viewers change regularly. For security reasons we would like to be able to prevent old viewers from accessing to the blog. Is it possible? We have tried it by clicking "Remove Invitee" in the section "Invite New" (Users). However it did not work. We will thank any help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No we cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. However, please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Note that you have complete control comment moderation. If your blog is public others can, of course, read it. They can submit comments but you can Moderate all comments and choose which ones to approve or not.

  3. 'Don't believe the question was answered - member has a private, not public blog. I have the same issue: would like to "disinvite" member(s) to a private blog and cannot figure out how. Thanks much for checking into this.

  4. There is no process for disinviting subscribers. Here's a quote from the artcle I linked to previously above.

    So what happens if you start out with a public site and later decide to make it private?

    First of all your site’s feeds will no longer be available. Anyone who has subscribed by RSS feed will not receive notice of new posts ... Subscribers, both users and those who have subscribed by email, will still show up on your Subscribers stats page. However, in spite of any misleading dashboard messages, like the one below that appears after you publish a new post, new posts are not sent out to your previous subscriber list. The only people who will be able to subscribe to your private site are the people you’ve invited to view it.

  5. @hermanfive
    If you have any further questions on this please use the help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page to contact Staff.

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