How can I report online bullying on my blog?

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    I am being subjected to online bullying and abuse from Peta Steel whose carrier is Gmail. How can I stop this. She is harrassing me and making allegations about me which are not true, are vicious and vile.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I didn’t realise this would be Posted. I wanted it to go direct to WordPress



    We suspend blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse:
    Personal threats
    Calls to violence
    Impersonation of a private person

    See also >


    If you are the Admin, why don’t you just delete the comments?



    Knowing how to deal with a deluge of annoying or negative comments from off-beat subscribers and commenters comes with the territory of being a blogger. They cannot trigger your emotions, unless you allow them to do so. You can handle online attacks effectively.

    If you enable blog subscriptions by email there is no way to block any subscribers, other than changing your blog’s visibility to “private”.

    Comment Moderation – If you have a subscriber you do not wish to post any comments from then you can set up comment moderation up on this page > Settings > Discussion. Then you can screen comments and mark them as “trash” or “spam”, if indeed they are spam.

    You can set your blog so that first time commenters are held in moderation till approved, then from that point forward they will not need approval. Settings > Discussion. The next step on that of course is to set it so that all comments are held in moderation until approved. That way you are in control, and they might just get tired and go elsewhere after a while.

    Comment Blacklist – Also note on that same page > Settings > Discussion you have the ability to comment blacklist. This will send all comments from that individual directly into your spam queue.

    do not put their IP address in the blacklist. IP addresses are no longer unique, and you might end up blocking legitimate visitors. Also, all they would have to do is go to a wi-fi hot spot, or connect via a different ISP and they could get around that.



    It sounds like it’s just comments. Just put her email in the comment blacklist.

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