How can I reset my CSS to default again

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    How can I reset my CSS to default again, because when I first registering to wordpress, I can change/edit the css theme, and then when I change my theme into a new one, my old css don’t dissapeared, I wanna go back to default again without have to pay the credits …. anybody help …



    dashboard - design - edit CSS - empty the editor box - save



    Follow babaliciou5’s instructions, but when you empty the CSS editor box you should make sure that you have ‘Add to existing stylesheet’ checked. Also, you may want to cut and paste your CSS somewhere else (a text document or something) in case you want to return to it later.


    Im having the same problem. I think i totally messed up my css codes and i want to reset it back to normal and start over again when choosing another theme. im in my dashboard, design, edit css but i cannot find an empty the editor box?? please help! i had lost my custom header for a day then i tried putting my own url address next to header on a completely different photo and the original came up! how weird is that.


    Here is my url. in case you can check it out for me!

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