How can I reset my stats? How can I exclude self-views from stats ?

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    I’m in the process of building my WordPress site. The stats show a large number of views, all of which were generated by me as I experimented with the building process. My questions are:

    (1) Is there a way for me to reset the view count back to zero?

    (2) Is there a way to exclude my own page hits, either by ignoring hits from a specific IP address or perhaps some other clever method?




    If your site is hosted on the platform it helps to list the URL that ends in

    If it is, you cannot reset Stats and your views are only counted if you have it set for Private, or if you’re not logged in.



    The forum instructions indicate not to list my site if the topic is about general WordPress functionality as opposed to a blog-specific question. But for the sake of completeness, the site I’m trying to build is at:
    domain mapped:

    So it counts self-hits if the site is marked as private? Seems odd. To be honest, the fact that I can’t exclude IPs or even view IPs at all (as opposed to mainstream hit trackers like StatCounter) makes the stats module virtually useless to me but no biggie. The service is so cheap it’s hard to complain TOO much.



    For anyone who happens to run across this post…

    The best solution is the one pointed out by user ‘absurdoldbird’ in another thread. Here’s the scoop.

    The best course of action (in my opinion) is to ignore the WordPress stats module entirely. It’s just too restrictive. Get a free stat tracking account at a third party. I use The third party stat tracking company will provide you with some HTML code to insert into your page. Place it inside a wordpress Text widget on the sidebar.

    I’ve tested this and it works like a charm.



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