How can I respond _privately_ to comments?

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    How can I respond _privately_ to comments? My new site has been around long enough to attract comments and I’d like to say thanks without having my reply being made public.

    I’d also like to thank new Followers but notification that they have signed up don’t indicate any addresses at all.

    A couple comments had email addresses associated with their Gravitars but both were returned as undeliverable.

    Am I missing something, or is this just not do-able?



    Hi there,

    No, there is not any way for you to respond privately to a comment at this time. While you should be able to email anyone with an address available in their Gravatar, that is not what it is intended for and if the email comes back as undeliverable then there is nothing which we are able to do about it.



    Oh, well… it was a thought. I’ll mark the thread Resolved.

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