How can I restore the first page?

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    I accidentally deleted the page at Can I get it back?
    Blog url:


    You can restore any page (or post) you’ve moved to the Trash, by visiting Pages → All Pages (or Posts → All Posts) on your dashboard and clicking the Trash link above the list. It should show the pages (or posts) you have deleted and allow you to restore them.



    Thanks, but I don’t see the page in Trash. I do see another page that I deleted a few days ago.

    The page that displays when I go to doesn’t seem to have a name.

    When I go to I still see nothing but a message that says: “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”


    Was what was on the home page the “Good clean design!” post? If so, it is in the Trash for posts, not pages, i.e. (only you can open that link)



    Hey–that almost works! Except now I get an error message: “Error in Restoring from Trash”. I checked the box next to the post title, selected “Restore” from “Bulk Actions” and then ‘Apply”. Also tried the “Restore” link under the post title with the same result. Odd.

    Could this be a temporary error? I’ll try again.

    Thanks for your help.



    I was able to edit and re-post (still can’t Restore) so all’s well that ends well. Thanks again for your help!

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