How can I see how many listeners my podcast has?

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    Hi there, I recently purchased the 20$ space upgrade so I can upload MP3 podcasts to my hosted blog, however I can not tell how many times the podcast has been downloaded. It’s currently streamable through two websites at least, is being syndicated through RSS with feedburner, and is viewable on the iTunes store, so I can’t simply track the visitors who links on my blog.

    Is there any way I could see how many times the MP3 has been accessed or played?

    The blog I need help with is


    You might want to check out one of the online stats counters such as sitemeter, statcounter or activemeter. It could be that you can get that information from them. We cannot use the javascript version of those stats systems, so you have to use the HTML versions and it could be that they will not provide that information with the plain HTML versions.


    Thanks for the tip- I’ll probably get one of those for the blog itself, however that doesn’t answer the question about the podcast. Most people who listen to the podcast are having google reader download the MP3 for them, or iTunes. They never even visit “”- is there any way to see those listens? I know more expensive hosting will allow that (something like Libsyn).

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