How can I see the rectangular formatted tiled gallery? As shown here:

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    I am not able to see the correct tiled gallery when I insert ‘type=”rectangular”’ after ‘gallery.’ Instead the photos look like the square format, except the photos aren’t as close as they should be. I’ve cleared my cache and I’m using MSN Explorer.

    The blog I need help with is



    How can I see the rectangular formatted tiled gallery? As shown here:



    Is there a specific post you are having trouble with? A direct link to it is helpful.



    I don’t think you understand. I’m simply trying to format my images to look like [gallery type="rectangular"] as seen on this page:

    The current post I’m working with is still a draft and hasn’t been published yet. And the formatting technique in the link above isn’t working for me. However, when I try to edit other already-published entries, that doesn’t work either:



    How exactly are you creating your Gallery? Are you following these instructions?

    For example, looking at this post’s source code (assuming that you mean this is a Gallery) it looks like all your images have been inserted individually. I don’t see that you’ve actually used the Gallery feature as described in the above Support Doc.

    If you are going to have a photo intensive website, I strongly recommend that you resize and optimize your images before you upload them. This has the benefit of maximizing your 3GB of free storage space and maintaining image clarity.

    Looking at the numbers at the bottom of your theme’s Showcase page , it would seem a good size to aim for is 1280 pixels wide.



    Ok, never mind the already-published posts. I currently have a post saved as a draft and I want it to be formatted like [gallery type="rectangular"] as seen on this page:

    What steps am I taking? Let me tell you. Correct me if I did something wrong or left something out: After starting a new post…
    Add media –> Create Gallery –> Select images I want —> Create a new gallery —> Gallery settings —> Type: Tiled Mosaic —> Insert gallery

    This is what I see in the text tab:
    [gallery type="rectangular" columns="2" ids="636,635,634,632,631,626,627,628,629,630"]

    That appears to be right yet I can’t resize the images and customize them to look anything like the tiled mosaic format in the link I provided above. Mind you, this post hasn’t been published yet. I’m pretty sure it should look the way I want it to before I publish it.



    It seems you are doing it right, but when selecting the tiled mosaic (rectangular) type, Gallery ignores the number of columns and any size parameters. The mosaic will span the entire width of your theme’s posting column and how the images will display depends on the ratio of portrait to landscape images.

    Also, since you mentioned that your post is not yet published, but is a draft, the tiled mosaic will only appear in the Preview or published Post. It won’t appear in the Post Editor.

    I’m sorry we’ve not been able to figure out together why this isn’t working right for you. There may be something else going on here so I am going to tag this for a Staff reply, as they can look behind the scenes at your draft post.

    Please subscribe to this thread if you haven’t so you will see their response and please be patient while waiting.



    I just realized that the number of columns goes away once you select Gallery. I previewed my sample post and it looks like all of the other posts I’ve published so far. I will await the staff’s response.



    Hey there,

    Sorry about the trouble you’re having. It looks like you are doing this correctly, it’s only that the gallery isn’t displaying the same way it does in the support document. My guess is your images are a bit too wide to accommodate the style. I would try uploading images of varying sizes then go back and see if it creates the mosaic style you’re aiming for.

    Let me know if that helps. Good luck!



    Thanks for the insights, Andrew. And resizing the images will have the added benefits I mentioned above in my OT comment, which seems not so OT now. ;-)



    Thanks but still nothing. I’ve appropriately resized a batch of sample images in photoshop, uploaded them, and followed all of the steps exactly the same. In my draft post titled “Sample post” it appears to be the same except now it makes one REALLY large photo.



    I have to say that I am entirely stumped. I switched my Gallery test blog to Motif, created a test post with a tiled mosaic Gallery using existing photos in the Media Library and voila, there it is.



    I’ve tried the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, MSN Explorer, and now Google Chrome- but I’m certain that the browser doesn’t matter. Are you sure that there’s nothing else specific that you’re doing? I’ve just made all of my sample images even smaller (300×169) yet nothing appears to be working when I preview the post. In gallery settings what is the significance of link to attachment page, media file, and none?



    Are you sure that there’s nothing else specific that you’re doing?

    That is why I am stumped. I am doing exactly what you are doing and the results are different. That’s why I’ve tagged this for an additional Staff follow up.

    In gallery settings what is the significance of link to attachment page, media file, and none?

    Gallery images can link to one of the following:
    Photo Carousel: this is the default for the Gallery feature unless you’ve disabled it in your Media Settings. The size of the Photo Carousel depends on the screen it is viewed on. Also, if you rearrange the order of your images in the Edit Gallery screen, it will be updated in the Photo Carousel.

    -If you disable the Photo Carousel, you can then choose to link your Gallery images to:
    Attachment Page: when clicked, displays your photo in a separate page using your site’s theme. Visitors can then use the previous and next links on the Attachment Page to view the other images in the Gallery. Rearranging the order of your images in the Edit Gallery screen does not change the order of the Attachment Pages.
    Media File: when clicked opens the Media file. In order to view any other image in the Gallery, your visitor has to use the Back button.
    None: this allows you to display your images using the Gallery feature, but the images are not linked to a further page or larger image.

    I mentioned above that around 1280 pixels wide (1024 too) is a good choice because it is large enough to view images comfortably on all screens without overly compressing/resizing your images when viewed.



    One other thing: Motif has a number of post formats, but you should be using either the Standard or Gallery post format for posts that contain a Gallery. The Gallery will display regularly in the single post view, but there may be a difference on the Front/Homepage display.

    The only thing left I can think to ask is whether you are posting a mixture of portrait and landscape images, or are all of your images are one or the other. If the latter, try using a mix of both instead and see if that doesn’t do something.


    Hi there!

    I just took a look at your draft sample post. Currently the tiled gallery style won’t display correctly in the visual editor. You’ll need to check the preview of the post in order to see how the gallery will actually display.

    It does look like the tiled gallery is working correctly, however all of your photos are landscape. The tiled gallery doesn’t crop images for you, it will display the entirety of the images at a scale that fits the page. Because all of your images are short and wide, there’s not a lot of variation in the gallery. Here’s an example of a tiled gallery I created on my test blog a while back:

    You can see that the different orientations allow the gallery to move things around more. I have randomization enabled, so you can refresh a couple times to see how the gallery treats the images.

    Let me know how I can help further!



    @shawnajroberts-thanks for confirming just about everything that’s already been said in this thread.

    Also, I created a Private test post with a Gallery using only landscape images (and importantly using the same theme that moody3576 is using) and there was no problem in creating a tiled mosaic Gallery.

    Staff can see it at the bottom of the post here The top Gallery includes both landscape and portrait images.


    Thanks for the example justjennifer! There are a couple of differences between the images in the sample gallery you’ve made and the images in the gallery moody3576 is making.

    1) All of the images in moody3576’s gallery are fairly small – 300 x 168 pixels. This doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for the gallery to scale your images to fit. In contrast, many of justjennifers images are over 1200×1000 pixels.

    2) Along the same vein, the ratio of width:height in justjennifer’s images range from 1.2 to 1.33. All of the images in moody3576’s gallery have a ratio around 1.75. This is a drastic difference for the tiled gallery where that ratio is used to place images next to each other at varying sizes.

    3) There’s a lot of variation in the size of the images in justjennifer’s gallery, the largest being 4000×3000 and the smallest one I found around 600×500 pixels. In moody3576’s gallery, other than the very last image, they’re all the same exact size (plus or minus a pixel).

    Between these factors, there aren’t any images in moody3576’s gallery that can take up vertical space while allowing for images to be stacked next to them, for example this section from my test gallery (I didn’t want to screenshot your gallery, justjennifer, since it’s published privately):

    And with only seven images, there isn’t a lot of manipulation the gallery can do.

    To reiterate, your tiled gallery is working correctly moody3576. But your images don’t allow for much manipulation.



    @shawnajroberts thanks for the detailed look.

    Beyond the draft post that moody3576 posted, and which of course I cannot see, I referenced one of his published posts where he indicated that he was having the same problem, like this one There the images are substantially larger than those in his draft post, but I’m assuming the photo ratio and that the images are all landscape are causing the same phenomenon.


    Thanks for pointing that out! I had missed that link. In that particular post, the images are not in a gallery. They’re just individually added to the post.

    It does look like those images have the same ratio as the images in the draft post, so they’ll likely have the same issues when put in a gallery. One solution is rotating a few of the images, if they allow it. This probably isn’t a great solution for most of the fireworks images, but cropping the dark sides would probably work in that case.

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