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How can i see where visitors came from?

  1. Hi. I wonder if there is a way to see where visitors come to my blog most of the counters available are java-based when it comes to see the "comes from" sections. The stats at "referring links" of wordpress seems to be what i'm looking for but i think they are incomplete (or unprecise) beacuse i submitted my site to stats-counting sites like and i can see that is no referring link from them, and i'm sure they visited my site. And even more, at referring links appear sites that i never submitted my blog to. :( Does anyone know any external stats counter that i can use on wordpress to see where people came from ? Or is there a way to fix the wordpress's stat counter ?
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are TONS of external stat counters that work here. Check for a list.

  3. Yes, i saw them but none is for me :( i need to see where visitors come from. And without to require java :((

  4. Yeah, sometimes the best thing to do is drop a needle onto a map and smile :)

  5. Hi @archidrawing take a look at and see if you like the stats counters I use on the sidebar.

    Flag Counter shows country visits and other useful details while Feedjit's Live Traffic gives you a real-time look at which blog post/page the visitors are reading right this second.

  6. Hey, i like the Feedjit Live Traffic on your site ! but when i attempt to insert the Feedjit code in my blog it will cut the code to "Feedjit Live Blog Stats" just as i click on Save :( so there is that text written on the sidebar only :( how did you do?

  7. The 'live' component does not work as it requires Flash or Java I can't recall the full script. What I have is the following that requires manual browser refresh but launches a separate window when clicked where the Live stats will work in a separate session.

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" border="0" /></a>

    Hope this helps.

  8. Previously we could click into the feedjit site and get a non-javascript code. I got mine way back when. That site has changed and now I believe we need to contact their Staff to get the code for real time tracking on our individual blogs.

    If you prefer you can use whosamungus. In that case send an email to and supply your site URL and that you need the non-javascript tracking code for a blog.

    Another alternative is clustrmaps. Creating your ClustrMap account is easy. You simply supply the url for your site and an email address (for receipt of your password for signing into Admin), and get a copy of the code to paste into a text widget on your site.

  9. getclicky is described as a real time web analytics program and as long as your blog gets fewer than 3,000 daily page views on average, it is free of charge. If your blog exceeds that limit premium accounts are available. There are versions for both self hosted wordpress.ORG blogs where the ability to use javascript exists and for wordpress.COM blogs like ours where javascript cannot be used. Besure you choose the non-javascript version.

  10. TT's site, which I pointed you to in the beginning, has covered MANY stats systems that tell you where you readers are coming from.

  11. well.. thanks for your answers.. it seems that feedjit fellas adapt the no-java script to make the "comes from" unavailable :( .. is cursed

  12. @archidrawing
    I can see the countries that my readers are coming from using feedjit. I can see which operating system and browser they are using. And I can see which post they clicked into.

    I can see the location of the ISP that my readers are coming from using whosamunus. And I can see which post they clicked into.

    And using clustrmaps I can see which country my visitors come from.

    Perhaps your would prefer to use sitemeter or statcounter or statcounter. For brief reviews see here >

    Exactly what information do you want that you cannot obtain by using the wordpress stats and these third party visitor tracking programs?

  13. first of all i miss seeing where the visitors click on after the visit. On feedjit at "Long description" it writes the location (City) landed on and then it writes the root address :( not where they go. I only experimented this on myself.
    Regarding sitemeter and statcounter, they are incomplete ! because sitemeter cannot block more than two IPs and its gonna counter every visit of my own because i have dynamic ip, and statcounter is not showing me where visitors click but i can block all my ips.
    So right in this moment i use 4 counters, i need each one to show me a particular stat!
    Feedjit - to easily see who and when came on my site.
    Wordpress stats - to see the referral link.
    Sitemeter - to see where are they clicking after they visit the root page.
    Statcounter - the real counter that blocks all my ips.
    I dont want my blog to become full of counters that's why I want to use only one counter to replace them all.

    And how is your feedjit showing u where they clicked into? mine doesnt work and only shows my blog link and i clicked on some articles... you can see my feedjit log here
    If i solve the problem with feedit i will dismiss sitemeter :D

  14. i like the flag counter shimworld mentioned as i'm curious about where the readers are from.

    but, is it possible just to see the statistics myself without displaying it on the blog? i found the graphics of that count chart quite ugly and i quite like to keep the numbers private.

    is this possible? if not, is there any other site other than


  15. @winkypedia
    The answer to your question is "no". Unless the code is on the blog the visitors cannot be tracked and that's the same in all cases no matter which stats program one maybe referring to.

  16. thanks.

    can i be iset to only appear in a specifc page of the blog rather than appearing in every single post?

  17. @winkypedia

    Thanks for all these discussion, I now have flagcounter set up on my site. I have set the setting to display just one flag, and changed the text color to white, so it looks neat.

    Check my blog at

  18. Why on earth do we need to check out your blog? All of these are well known to us.

  19. @archidrawing
    I have reviewed all these third party stats counters. I no longer run feedjit on my blog. It's intrusive and I don't need to know IPs of my visitors at all. I used feedjit, flag counter, clustrmaps, etc. long enough to determine which counties my visitors were coming from so I could set up translation services with the required languages. Now I have a translation page and a translation widget so I removed them.

  20. @timethief

    So you could see and learn and may be some politeness will do good for you.

  21. @sathitharan
    I'm sorry if I offended you. I found nothing that I did not already know. Perhaps others will find something they did not know.

  22. foodrefashionista

    I may be heading in a different direction here, but I get referrers such as [spam URL removed] and wondered what these are. When I click on them, I am often sent to the broken link message. These odd URLs often have a lot of page views as well. Can anyone help?

  23. @foodrefashionista
    This is a different issue.
    Do NOT click the links.
    Do NOT post any more the URLs to the forum
    Report these spam refferer links directly Staff please

  24. @foodrefashionista
    For more clarity I searched and located this for this for you.
    Response from staff:

    Thanks for reporting this - we are aware of this problem and are working hard to find a solution to fix it.

    Some background: what you're experiencing is called "Referrer Spam", and it's an unfortunate side effect of the way statistics tracking works. Spammers take advantage of the referrer logs and visit your blog from phantom URLs that they are actually trying to promote, in the hope that you see them in your logs and click them.

    In the meantime, you can rest assured that there is no security risk here, to you or to you blog. It's just an annoyance, but one we will hopefully be able to get rid of very soon.

    These spam referrers do not in any way affect your blog's Google page ranking.

  25. rmartinezvlzqz

    timethief experience with counters is beyond my own. Here is my grain of sand on the topic. This explain how to install the widgets mentioned. See the Suggested Reading for all articles from timethief

  26. @timethief I agree with timethief @ getclicky. I've used getclicky for a number of years, and really like it.

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