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How can I send a guest writer a preview of their post?

  1. Is there a way for me to send a guest writer a preview of their post, exactly how it would appear in my blog, before I publish it?


  2. Unless they are signed on as an Editor or Admin of your blog, there's no way to do it within

  3. The request feedback option should work - I have used it to review some of my Posts with people that don't have accounts here

  4. I don't allow any guest bloggers to have access to my blog. All my guest authors send their posts to me by email and we edit them by email too.

  5. The request feedback opens a copy of a Post and there is a text box on the left side for a person to leave feedback - they can't change things and only have access to read a copy of a Post - I have used it a few times and works well

  6. That's interesting. Not working with guest bloggers at all, I've never tried that. When I collaborate, it's all via Google Docs.

  7. @auxclass
    I've used it too when another blogger wanted my editing feedback and it worked well.

  8. Some of my work needs peer review before I publish to make sure I don't have a safety related error or omission - the request feedback option has helped a lot

  9. I can see why that would be a boon given your thing is sailing/boating safety.

  10. I've used request feedback exactly for this purpose, for a guest writer so he could see exactly how it would appear. (I've also used it on my own posts if I want someone's thoughts on something I'm considering posting.)

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