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How can I send email to all my subscribers

  1. If I wanted to inform or send some good article to all my subscriber is there any way to send all of them an email in group with the help of WP?
    If yes, how many subscribers I can send emails?(i.e. nos)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No I'm sorry but there isn't any automatic way to do this. When we bloggers provide an email address for the purpose of subscribing to receive newly published blog post updates, we are providing our email address solely for that purpose and for no other purpose.

    If you wish you can create a contact form and invite your blog post subscribers to consent to having you using their email address for another specific purpose by using that contact form.

  3. I do understand what you said but my problem is when I am putting some article in my page my subscribers are not getting those articles/items by mail automatic like post. It is only when we publish post that they are getting but for pages they do not get anything. I am generally putting pdf files in pages. My blog is generally consist of pages.You can visit my blog and see it because I am not a computer expert but just for hobby at 64 doing this. Also english is also little bit problem for me

  4. There are key differences between posts and pages. You have identified one of them. There are no RSS Feeds for pages; there are only RSS Feeds for posts. I'm sorry but there is no way I can think of to do what you want to do.

  5. You could publish a new post with the information you want your subscribers to know? And if you don't want that post to remain just delete it after a time.

  6. This is not a good idea. Cause when you did publish a post it goes to search engines. When you immediately or later delete the post or change the url then this is not changed in search engines. And people referred through that post see a 404 error. Which is for sure not a good thing for the blog rank.

  7. :) He could just change the date then, and put it behind him - so to speak. :)

  8. Or do you have a suggestion how he could do what he wants?

  9. Changing the date will result in the same as mentioned above.
    If I would have to create a post to tell the followers only then I had posted a private post sending password to my subscribers. But I can not get everyone's email.

  10. So a post with the info he wants to send is the only way for him to inform subscribers? And wear the 404 unless blog 'rank' means that much ...

  11. Every time you publish a new page, you could also publish a new post that had a brief description of what was on the new page. For instance a post that said,

    "See my new article on bikeriding on the Sports page"

    ideally with a link to the article in the post. Then, all your blog subscribers will get the new post, and it will have a link to your new content in it.

    It's a little extra work for you to make a tiny post with a link for each article you post, but the WP machinery will do the sending the way you want.

    It will put all these posts on your home page, but that's not so bad. If you use the "Aside" format instead of the "Standard" format for the post, they won't be very obtrusive.

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