How can I set up the facebook widget to link to the right facebook page?

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    We have facebook page. The Admin for that facebook page is the account Hebay Bay, which is only a dummie http://www.facebook. I put the facebook widget of my theme Twenty eleven so that visitors of the blog can go directly to our Facebook page Alexander Alliance Deutschland. That works for some time but then somehow the widget links to Hebay Bay on Facebook the admin’s page, which is really annoying since people subscribe to a page where nothing is happening. I checked the link in the widget which is correct (
    What is the problem here and how can I set it up so that the widget constantly links the right facebook page?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    A Facebook page is linked to the original profile account from where it was set up. for instance you can’t set up a page without a profile account. You say it is a ‘dummy’ account though? And you are not the original admin of the Facebook page? Is that correct?



    I can’t see any Facebook like button on your blog. If you’ve removed it then place it again so that we can look into it.


    the page is linked to a profile account Hebay Bay which I called dummie (not remembering the exact term) It is kind of dummie because nothing is happening there and nobody should visit it. I am admin of the profile account. The sole purpose of the account is to run the Facebook page


    I put the widget back on the blog. So you can see it. Right now it links to the Facebook page. My problem is. I set it up like this. Then the next morning it suddenly links to the profile account on Facebook, which it shouldn’t do. I want it only to link to the page

    Hope that clarifies.


    And thank you very much everybody for taking care of the problem so quickly


    For instance, now again, the widget links to the profile account on Facebook. Any ideas?



    There’s still no Facebook like box on your blog.
    BTW this seems a browser issue.
    Clear your caches. Update your browser version.

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