How can I shift articles on my homepage to a new page?

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    I know… people have asked this a million times before but no one seems to answer the question.
    OK…. so I published a bunch of articles during the World Cup a few months ago and now that its over I would like to group them up together and leave them on a separate page. Yes, I am aware of categories but I would like to move these articles onto another page which I would like to title “World Cup 2010”.
    so when people visit my blog it is all there under one section. Is there any way I could do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Standard request actually – at least two ways

    If your Theme supports Custom Menus then make a Custom Menu to replace the default Tabs and one of the Tabs is a link to the Category that has all your WC 2010 as a Category:

    Or put a Text Widget in your Sidebar that links to the Category WC 2010.

    Either way when someone clicks on the link that sorts by WC 2010 Category they will get a list of the WC 2010 Posts.


    Pages that you create are static and sit outside the blog structure. You cannot move posts to pages unless you copy and paste them one at a time into a single page where they will then become one long, single document. This is a bad thing to do from a search engine standpoint since all the existing links to those posts will return 404 file not found errors, and search engines do not like that and if they see too many on a site, they will discount the search engine rankings and possibly quit indexing the blog entirely.

    All posts will show on the main blog pages in reverse chronological order with the newest at the top (main page, categories, tags, archives) unless they are set to private or turned back into drafts.

    If all the posts on the world cup are under one category, you could export those posts from the blog and then import them into a new separate blog to get them off of your main blog and once imported into the other blog, delete them from the main blog. This will of course break all the existing search engine links to those original blog posts on the main blog, and the second blog with the WC posts would start out with zero seach engine ranking.

    Once posts are published and are picked up by the search engines, it is NEVER a good idea to move them, change the published date, or delete them.

    You could create a static front page for the blog and then in the body of that page list only the categories that you want people to see (exclude the WC categories). Static front pages aren’t really a good idea from a search engine standpoint either though. Search engines like to see dynamic main pages that have regular fresh content.



    To auxclass,
    your solution… worked!!!!
    I can finally categorize my stuff….
    Thank you so much! :)



    You are welcome – glad to help – good luck


    What if you already had to move pages and 404 errors are showing up. Won’t google eventually pickup the correct permalinks? Is there a way to fix this?

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