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How can I show my logo as a thumbnail on Facebook updates instead of post pics?

  1. I have my blog linked to Facebook, so when I press 'publicize' my blog will display a link on my Facebook page. However, it shows a thumbnail picture of whatever image I have uploaded into that post. I don't want it to show the image from the post, but my logo icon for my business. Can someone please help me with this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sure. You'll have to stop using Publicize, though, and start posting the links manually using the Share button. Then, provided your logo IS on the page somewhere, you'll be able to toggle through all the images and find the one you want.

  3. Is there a way to set the default image so that when others share something on Facebook, rather than toggle through, it just presents one image? I know it can be done by including meta data, but not sure if you can add meta data like that to a standard WordPress blog.

    '<meta name="title" content="Default thumbnail" />
    <meta name="description" content="Default thumbnail for blog" />
    <link rel="image_src" href=" http://filelocation.jpg"/>'

  4. @biddleb

    not sure if you can add meta data

    Sorry but "no" you cannot. raincoaster has supplied the only way (posting manually using the Share button) we know of that you can use on a free hosted blog to achieve what you want to achieve.

  5. Hi

    I've read several posts here about this subject. Yes, I'm using publicize. And no, manual sharing isn't an option.

    I have a Like button on the page. And when people press it, the post wil be shared on FB. Great! The problem is, the used image happens to be always the sitemeter logo! Really bad. I could live with it if another image was used, but the number of blog visits?

    And yes, my pictures do have a description.

    I agree, it is a FB bug. But being the solution so simple (adding a line to the head section), could please do that? Lots of users would be happy.

  6. I agree, it is a FB bug.

    If it's a Facebook bug then why would you expect Staff to fix it --- confused. Facebook is continually changing things at their end of things maybe you and the others affected by their changes need to provide Facebook Staff with some feedback.

  7. Well, maybe because Staff cares about the users? I have already added some "Upgrades" and IMHO the ability to add some stuff to the head section would be very useful. Of course, it would need to be parsed to rip out some stuff.

  8. Have you contacted Staff or not?

  9. No, I'm sorry. I will now. And I have followed your suggestion of reporting the problem to Facebook,

  10. I've been searching and searching. Have you read this?

  11. I hear through the grapevine that some folks are experiencing the same like button breaking down thing all over again. :(

  12. Oh, that's a different problem. I have had that already in another website and clearing the browser cache solved my problem. Somehow, the FB scripts weren't correctly cached.

    Yes, it's sad how that FB guys just change things :(

    Well, just reported y suggestion the WP Staff. Thanks for your help :)

  13. *my suggestion

  14. I'm feeling frustrated as we cannot provide any real help. :( Best wishes with getting this sorted. (My fingers are crossed for all of you guys.)

  15. Thanks :)

    But you did help. I've sent the bug to the right guys :)

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