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How can I show my photos really big?

  1. Brand new to blogs, know nothing about programming, but I do know Photoshop, and I know how to size my photos exactly. I think I understand that photo size/width issues in a blog are dependent on the theme. But I don't know how to find out which themes are best for allowing wide/big photos.
    I would like to either 1) show photos huge OR 2) instruct visitors to click on a photo to make it show huge in a new window. For instance, 1024 pixels wide would be nice.
    Thanks very much,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A larger monitor would work too

  3. Thanks panaghiotisadam, I see I've got some reading to do. Thanks for those links.

    starsquid - I guess that's a joke, right? Ok.


  4. Why is that a joke? Like one of those large apple screen shows a picture like really big.

  5. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood your answer stars. My question has nothing to do with monitor size. My monitor is around 2000 px wide. My blog will be for a very small group of people, all of them will have a monitor of at least 1024 px wide. I don't care if they can't view my blog on their little cell phone things
    Thanks and sorry I wasn't clearer.

  6. nah I was just joking around (and you fell for it hah) ;P
    But to get back to your question, I think your option 2 would be best if you really want maximum sizes to have images open in a separate window showing the full image size. You could use the gallery function too (in your editor).

  7. @westofthesun
    Just in case you do want to have your blog display well on mobiles as well as on large monitors at a later date, here's what you can do > Appearance > Extras and locate and click the radio button for:
    ___ Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser
    Then click "Update Extras".

    Also here is the main link to support documentation for "images" entries >

  8. Question @ timethief, what happens actually if I use that "Display a mobile theme when this blog is viewed with a mobile browser"? I mean, I dont have a cell that can view webpages, but how does it changes the blog? Im afraid images and text might be scrambled up. Does it then get another like 'mobile' theme or something?

  9. @staraquid
    I don't own a mobile and don't live in an area where they do not function. Where I live people aren't wired everywhere they go, and they think the tourists who freak out about not being able to use their devices to being continuous contact with others is a sign that there's something "off" in their head ... lol :D (No - I'm not kidding). I mean they are supposedly on holiday when they are here.

    What I do know is that I have blog readers with mobiles who thanked me for using that setting and who told me my blog was displaying correctly.

  10. typo - 1st sentence above delete the word "don't".

    "I don't own a mobile and live in an area where they do not function."

  11. Ah, it seems I already checked that function, oh well, just leave it like that then I guess. Anyways, thanks!

    Where do you live? Howcome you dont have coverage 24/7?! :P

  12. The gulf islands in BC are gorgeous, natural and full of eccentric people - just like me! We aren't politically correct and we don't use euphemistic language to cosy up to anyone.

    I can have 24/7 cell phone reception only if I want to drive to certain locations in my community to get it. On my own property, cell phone reception is not possible -- alleluia! That's why I have a stream of friends who live on the mainland and in other Canadian locations, who choose to come here to vacation deliberately so they cannot be reached. They choose to put their time spent with family and friends beyond the reach of their social networking followers and corporate contacts and bosses and employees while they are on vacation.

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