How can I show the author of a blog in the default theme for wordpres

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    How can I alter the default theme to show the author of a certain blog on the home page and the individual blogs?

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    I guess I don’t quite understand what you are asking for. From what I understand from what you are saying, I would do the following:

    1) Make sure you are using the ‘widgets’ in the presentation of your theme. Go to admin => presentation =>sidebar widgets and put the widgets in the order that you want them.

    2) Create a text widget (from bottom of page and edit it (far right of widget) so we can place the text that we want in it)

    3) In editing of this new text widget, place the something like following:

    Author: Trent
    Description: Trent is the author of this blog and writes about all kinds of topics.
    Blogs: Trent currently runs his blog and his his forum

    4) Save the text widget.

    If I am off base completely, let us know what you are thinking and how you want it.




    I think you’re pretty close there Trent, it mainly depends if the OP has multiple authors in his blog.

    Unfortunately there’s not an easy way to put the author of a post in the post area.

    What most people suggest is to create categories or tags for all the authors and then make sure that they assign that category when they write a post.

    mikonaiko – I hope that helps!



    (1) Choose a theme that displays “authors”.
    (2) Or if the theme does not do this then create a category Called “Authors” as a “parent” category and then create sub-categores “children” for each author’s name under the parent Category “Authors”.
    (3) Or have each author include a byline in the posts they create.
    Have you read the helpful information at these links?
    Note that there are theme reviews here

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