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How can I single space between lines?

  1. In entering a new post, every time I hit the Enter key to start a new line I get double-spaced as if I was starting a new paragraph. How can I get single line spacing? I am in Pilcrow.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe you will find these posts to be helpful. Space between lines. >
    Space between paragraphs >

  3. BTW you will get double spacing between paragraphs in every theme here of which I'm aware. The only way to avoid it is to hold the SHIFT key down when you hit Enter at the end of the paragraph.

  4. ~justjennifer
    Thanks! for posting that link. I'm so very fed up with re-doing spacing over & over, after colons -between sentences, was going to write Support tonight to ask for correction of flaw, in Pilcrow. Bookmarked the page --to try it for next post. Appreciate, thanks

  5. @poppy, if you find a bug in a theme, please write Support! That's what they're paid to do.

  6. Shift key? Holy Batman! Learn something new everyday in the forums. I've been using the html editor to single space if I need to.

  7. ~justjennifer
    Ya, well I'M NOT "paying" lol, so I tread lightly/wait REALLY long time before sending requests/complaints. (I'm about to post on another one here, before sending to them.) I figure they're extremely busy, fixing serious gone-wrongs.

    But the spacing has been lousy/wrong since Day 1 of Pilcrow change. That explanation,
    HTML inability to 'read' --news to me; my non-WP blogs ALLOW two spaces between sentences, etc. Your link may keep me from hours of re-doing future posts, so thanks again.

  8. @Bats
    I like the wording Staff used here >

    However, HTML is not entirely deaf to your plight. You just have to use some keyboard trickery to cheat the Visual Editor, with its one-track HTML mind, to create a Line Break rather then a Paragraph Break. Instead of hitting the Return key, use Shift+Return . This will explicitly tell the Visual Editor that you don’t want to start a new paragraph, but instead want to force a line break.

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