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How Can I Sort My Posts?

  1. I want my last post to show up on top?

    For example, I posted post1 and later posted post2. I want my post2 show up first in order and post1 show up second. How can I do this? These posts will not necesarilly be in the same category.

    can someone help. Thank you.

  2. It says you deleted your account, so should we bother to answer this? It's pretty simple; almost all templates display posts in Most Recent First order automatically.

  3. Yeah, I accidentally deleted my first blog with my current username. But I have 4 different blogs right now. In one of my blogs i am using Blix Template. and it does not sort like 'Most Recent First' order. Or did i do something wrong?

    Thanks again.

  4. If the template doesn't sort that way automatically, you may have to use a different template or buy the CSS upgrade, because we can't edit our templates here at WordPress generally. I think it might be easiest to swap templates.

  5. Um, your latest post should be showing up at teh top of your blog. If it's not then there's an issue but we would need to see it to see what is occuring. Blogs are usually defined as the latest post being at top.

    Hope this helps,

  6. try editing the timestamp?

  7. Agreed but if I understand the poster correctly, the posts are already in the order they want them in. (ie the most recent post coming first followed by the older posts.)

  8. Is'nt there something in options that has to do with this. I thought i saw something about it in the reading section of options.

  9. So, can WordPress sort the posts by date, descendingly? Not "Most Recent First" but "Most Recent Last". I know this is pretty weird in blog world, but I need this rule!

  10. The only means you have of reversing the order of a blog is using book order and Mark has described how here

  11. Howdy - my posts are showing up as "most recent last" - I'd like to flip them so readers don't have to scroll down to see if there's something new. Can anyone help me with that? Blog:

  12. Ummm, you have no posts. What you have are multiple pages where there are just comments (which is why at the top it says "responses." Comments show from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom.

    This might help you understand the difference between a post and a page:

  13. Thanks, still getting the semantics down - so, if I want my comments to show up on my pages in chrono order: newest at top, can I do that? I'ld like people to be able to log on, go to the page they are aiming for, then read comments without having to scroll down.

  14. No you cannot. That would require hacking the underlying theme and php files, which is not allowed.

  15. You are so quick! I just found this thread : How Do I Make Comments Display In Reverse Chronological Order? Courtesy of your "comment" do i switch to using posts on a page, and do you have a link to point me to "doing it the right way"? Obviously I don't know diddly about the underpinnings of blogging, and since this is a relatively new blog, i'd like to fix it now before it's a royal pain to shift later. Thanks for your time.

  16. There is only one page where posts will show up, and that is on the main page. You cannot make other pages and put posts on them. Pages you create are static.

    What you can do is make categories for each subject that you want to cover and then assign posts to the appropriate categories. Then if you click on that category in the sidebar, it will take you to a page with just the posts in that category which will be in chronological order. In category view, most themes will show only a "summary" of the post, not the entire thing. The reader then clicks on the title of the post to get to the page where the whole post will show.

  17. Thank you. I think I get it. And again, I appreciate your quick response & patience.
    Be well,

  18. Thank you Lorie and you are welcome. Happy blogging.

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