How can I stream my WordPress Blog on Reverbnation?

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    Hi There. I use Reverbnation as well for my music business and they have a spot on their page for their own blog but you can put in a link instead of an existing blog and so I put in the link for my blog here at WordPress but it doesn’t seem to work as it produced an error which said to ‘make sure the blog is streaming in RSS or ATOM’. Will WordPress work for what I’m trying to do on Reverbnation? I looked everywhere I could think of in my settings. Thank you for your help.
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    The blog I need help with is



    OK. I figured it out – by fluke. Somewhere along the way when I was changing my theme I clicked on the RSS icon and it opened my email app asking if I wanted to sign on to the RSS feed and that’s when I noticed the URL had feed/ in the front and back of it so I copy/pasted that to Reverbnation and it works. Yay!

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