how can i tell how much of my image file space allotment i’ve currently used?

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    hi, my blog is graphics-intensive, and i use Flickr for most of my photo storage. there was a point a month back when i stored photos in wordpress though.

    i’m aware that everyone’s alloted 25mb per blog, but is there a way of knowing how much i’ve already used up?

    i tried to look in options, and also at the bottom of every post where there’s a section for choosing to insert a picture you’ve uploaded, but i don’t see anything that indicates to me how many megabytes i’ve already used.

    thanks a lot!



    This question comes up at least once or twice every one to two weeks on the forum. If you type into the forum search box you will find multiple threads on it.
    Basically the answer is there is no process in place whereby we users have access to such information therefore it’s in our best interests to have our images hosted off site.
    Any previous posts you have made with images can be edited. The images can be made into thumbnails and they can be linked to off site storage. This is the recommended way to go.


    thanks timethief.



    If you uploaded the photos from your computer. then perhaps you still have copies on disk or other storage. If so, then you can check the file sizes (properties) there



    good idea! Aroha nui



    There’s actually a WPMU plugin that will state how much space is left available. I was kind of hoping that they would install it here but it’s been a few months now since it came up on the WPMU forums.

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