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how can i transfer a secondary blog from and keep my primary page?

  1. I have two blogs, the primary one ( and another one (that a friend of mine uses, i don't), called How can i transfer his blog to him, since for his blog (in the My Blogs section) there is only the option "Leave Blog"? Does that mean that i'll have no more connection with it, but he'll be able to use it normally? Or is there other way to do it? Thank you.
    Blog url:

  2. You can use this process to transfer a blog to another username account >

  3. Thank you, but it's not working: I don't want to transfer my primary blog, but the other one. The thing is there is no "Transfer blog" button available for the other blog. So how will I do it?

  4. Nothing? Come on, don't tell me WP didn't think about that option... It's impossible.

  5. You need to be logged in as the blog's owner in order to see the Transfer option.

  6. Thank you, macmanx, I'll try that.

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