How can i turn off the two step security if i cannot access my seetings

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    I can not access my settings

    The blog I need help with is



    Fill out the form here Then our account recovery team will get back to you by email so you can discuss the options in private.



    I did exactly as was said even reset my password and still I cannot access my setting. Every time I do this is what pops up and I even sign in with the code that was sent to my phone and I still cannot access the settings I just want to reinstall the generator to my phone where I had accidental uninstalled the app a few days ago. Sincerely Frustrated.

    For security reasons, you can only edit user settings while logged in with a Two Step Authentication code.

    Please logout, then log back in with your Master Password and authentication code to continue.



    I tagged this thread for Staff help. Please subscribe to it and you will be notified when they respond.


    I have the same problem of misshaile !!! i’ve posted 2 topiks and they still closed…

    I’ve already written in the ”helping blog”, but i’m whriting again to explain my situation better: I’ve just formatted my google phone whit my authenticator app istalled on it.

    when i’ve installed it back again it was obviously empty.

    My web sites (web wordpress account) asked me to log in again using the backup codes that i had printed !!

    But no one of them it works !!! they are all expired or something.

    Now i’m stuck in the middle !!! i can only use the sms codes to login (but) i can’t change nothing in adviced settings !!!

    And i can’t disable the two step autentication cause i nead the code generated by the program (that it does not work anymore or the backup code and also them are missed)

    What can i do now ? Can Any Admin send me a validate code to let me login in (whit full access) and make me able to turn off the Two Step Authentication ?

    Otherwise i can’t log in anymore.

    The connected Blogs are : (Active since 4 years)

    (All hosted on WordPress Domanis )

    and other 5 blogs.

    The blog I need help with is

    Please @timethief can i also have an answer ?! or a tagging for the staff ?!
    this member har the same problem…and it has been solved by staff !!

    let me know please !!! it’s so frustaiting….. :(



    All I want to do is access my setting on my account so that i can either deactivate the two step authenticator or reinstall it on my phone. I’m still frustrated with this problem.



    @misshalie I have sent you an email.

    @mattidg89 one of my colleagues has already replied to you here: Please reply there for further assistance.

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