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How can I undo marking my blog as mature

  1. Hi,
    I clicked on 'mark as mature' against my blog from the Reader (!/read/following/) to see what that did and immediately got an email from [email redacted] telling me that my blog has been marked as mature. I understand now that 'mature' means 'adult-only' however that is not the meaning I had in mind (I thought 'mature' in the sense of developed) so is there a way to undo the marking?
    There are quite a few posts on this but I couldn't find a clear answer as to what one should do in this circumstance.
    Cheers, Nik (

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Latest update - in response to a similar support call 'error' that I am following I followed the instructions provided by 'timethief' i.e. in the form which came up after clicking on 'This content should be marked as mature' I typed text to clarify that I wished my marking of my blog as mature to be undone but immediately thereafter got a further mail from the WordPress auto responder saying 'Your blog is now marked as mature'. Advice as to how to proceed would be appreciated.
    Cheers, Nik

  3. This thread has been flagged for Staff attention. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed in the sidebar of this thread so your are ware when Staff respond to you.

  4. Thanks for your update timethief and a pleasure to speak to you - I've seen your helpful responses to lots of other topics. I've already got the 'Notify me of followup posts via e-mail' checked on this forum and at the top it says in yellow 'You are subscribed to this topic' so hopefully I'll become aware when they respond (first time I've posted a topic here).
    Thanks, Nik

  5. Hi gain Nik,
    Please hang in there. Staff have a backlog and they are working as fast as they can.

  6. Will do timethief - not urgent anyway :-)
    I guess you must work for WordPress then.

  7. Your site is no longer marked as Mature.

  8. Thanks so much!
    You have lived up to your job title :-)

  9. My pleasure. :-)

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