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How can I update old posts without syndicating them?

  1. I want to update old posts with new tags and fixed links without sending updates to RSS feeds, Twitter, or Facebook. For now I've disabled sharing to Twitter and Facebook, but I'm still getting the odd post in my RSS reader and I'm not sure what my followers are seeing in theirs.
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  2. Updated posts won't be sent out via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

    Within your RSS feed, the post's status will be listed as Updated, rather than New, and at that point it's up to the reader to display the post or not.

    Some RSS readers, like Google Reader, do not display posts with an Updated status.

  3. I'm asking because this morning I was editing some older posts and suddenly found my Twitter feed flooded with enough post updates that I hit whatever Twitter's arbitrary limit is. I definitely deleted at least 100 tweets. Fewer posts made it to Facebook, and maybe 40 or so posts showed up in my Google Reader feed. I hadn't physically edited that many posts, but I had done a couple of bulk tag additions, maybe around 200 posts' worth -- could that have caused such an avalanche?

  4. Did you have Publicize connected when those posts were initially published?

  5. No, they were imported from an old blog.

  6. Oh, that would explain it, sorry.

    Publicize can only keep track of posts that were published while it was active. If you do plan to do any more edits to older posts, I recommend temporarily deactivating Publicize.

  7. Sounds great. Did I do that by un-linking my Facebook and Twitter accounts? Or is there a different way to temporarily disable it?

  8. Yes, they appear to be disconnected now.

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