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How can I upload a logo as a header image without distorting it?

  1. Hi - I'm trying to load an image of our logo to our site which uses the Suburbia theme. The image is reasonably crisp when viewed as jpg in Photoshop, but it is distorting when uploaded so that the text in the logo looks very fuzzy. I've tried to upload it as a jpg, a gif and png, and I've also sized it so that it's the required size (155 x 155). I've also tried adding the text in Photoshop before loading, but that distorts it even more. Any suggestions?
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  2. I have used this theme and when I uploaded optimized images of the exact size 155 x 155 there was no distortion.

  3. I've cleared all the caches and cookies from both IE and Mozilla, but still the logo shows distorted.
    I've made up the logo in InDesign, converted it to a pdf so I can work on it in Photoshop, and resized it there to 155 x 155. Is there something in moving from one program to another that could be distorting it?

  4. Yes I think converting it from one program to another may have resulted in the loss of quality but I don't know that for sure.

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