How can I upload or import a Keynote (Mac) slideshow to my blog?

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    Hello, I created a Keynote slide show on my iMac 10.6.8 and wanted to embed, import or upload it into my WordPress blog. It is an upgraded (paid) blog (don’t know if that makes a difference). It’s not a video, it’s Mac’s version of a PowerPoint presentation. I can’t seem to find any information in the Help Search or the Forums Search. Any ideas?

    I’ve tried using the text/html widget and also the Image widget, but they don’t work. I’ve also tried to embed it into my post or page to no avail. Thank you, in advance! :) ~ Lisa

    The blog I need help with is



    The upgrades we purchased here are specific to whatever we purchased them for and do not change anything else at all.

    Thesideshows that supports are found in the support documentation.

    Embeds are restricted. These are accepted file types .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation) See the Uploading Documents help page for examples and details.

    The only other presentations I’m aware of that we can use on free hosted blogs are from Prezi, which is a zooming presentation editor that allows you to create elaborate presentations.


    Yuo can also check Scribd and Issuu: if they allow uploading this filetype, then you”ll be able to embed it in your blog.


    Thanks for the suggestions. It is interesting to note that I typed in a number of simple questions regarding how to upload a slide show (slideshow) in the Search Engine of WordPress help, and the page you suggested, timethief, never came up. You’d think it would!

    I’ve tried twice now to follow their instructions and it does NOT insert the slide show. I saved it as a .ppt (PowerPoint) and uploaded. I clicked on Save all changes. Had to reopen it by clicking on Show and then clicked on Insert into Post. There is NO “Insert Slideshow” option as their instructions say.

    All it does is insert the title of my slide show, highlights it and when you click on it, a window pops up asking how you’d like to save/open this file and then downloads it onto your computer! When I open it, I have full access to change anything in it. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted the slide show to be seen as the instructions from WordPress ( illustrates. It does not do this.

    Can someone tell them 1) there is no Insert Slideshow button as they state and 2) once uploaded, saved and inserted into an empty post, it does NOT show a slide show as they illustrate, just the title w/link to file name. Nothing else is in that space.

    I’m getting very frustrated with this because I’ve also tried to find a way to do this through a few other avenues, all to no avail. Thanks for any further help with this!



    You can export a Keynote and put it up in Youtube, apparently. That’s in Keynote itself.

    The Slideshare instructions do need updating. All you need to do is click Embed and then Customize to get the actual WordPress code. It works, I did it two days ago.


    Do you mean the Slideshare instructions through Youtube? I don’t have a Youtube account and don’t really want one. Was hoping to avoid using other (or additional) services to do this. According to WordPress, I shouldn’t have to. ~ sigh ~

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely keep that option in mind. :)



    No, I mean the slideshare instructions on support.

    The second paragraph of my comment refers to the way to embed something directly from Slideshare. I just did it:




    @tt that link is outdated. The instructions I gave are accurate: the instructions in that thread are not.



    The instructions you saw on are for inserting a WordPress slideshow; that is, turn plain images uploaded via the Add an Image tool of a post into that type of slideshow. Nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

    WordPress cannot directly display presentations: you can upload a PPT file to your blog but you’ll only get a link for it.

    So you cannot “avoid using other (or additional) services”. You need to convert your Keynote doc into a PPT doc, then upload it to Scribd, Issuu or Slideshare, then embed the result.


    Thanks, raincoaster. I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of Slideshare so I wouldn’t know to search for it in WordPress help.

    timethief and panaghiotisadam, If I saw an option for “Inserting Slideshow” after I Added an Image in my post, I would love that but I’ve added numerous photos in one post & have never seen that option. Guess I’ll just have to fiddle with it some more to figure out how to do that, so I know that’s an option.

    At the same time, I’ll check out the Slideshare feature of WordPress now that I know about it and see if that works for me. Btw, what I meant by using “additional services” was I didn’t want to have to create an account with an outside third-party, like YouTube, to do this. I don’t know anything about Scribd, or Issuu, or Slideshare to know if they’re like that or not so I will definitely check them out.

    Many thanks for all of your help! I do appreciate it. :) I’ll let you know what worked best for me. ~Lisa


    You’re welcome.

    A slideshow has to do with a set of images, so you’ll never see the WP slideshow option when uploading a single image. You’ll see it if you select several images to upload them all in one go (in that case the window that pops up once they’re all uploaded will give you “Insert Gallery” or “Insert Slideshow”). You’ll also see the option if you click the Add an Image tool then click Gallery (assuming you have already uploaded several images to a post), or if you have inserted a gallery in a post and click the rectangle that represents it in the visual editor then click the Edit icon. But if you have uploaded a set of images to a post, you don’t need to do any of this to turn them into a WP slideshow: you just type this in the HTML editor:

    Scribd, Issuu, and Slideshare are all “outside third-parties”, so you do need to create an account with them. WP has made it so that Scribd and Slideshare docs can be directly embedded into your posts; with Issuu you need to use a workaround:



    But as noted above, the instructions for Slideshare are no longer accurate: use mine in this thread. I’ve done three in the past week, and it’s easy once you know how. Each of those platforms also exposes you to more potential readers.



    Thank you so much for clarifying how the WP slide show option works.

    And….it worked!! **Happy Dance!** I didn’t have to use any other application. I went to a blank post, Inserted Images (made sure to select them all at once) and the option to Insert Slideshow came up. Yay!

    I played around a little figuring out how to add my text – simple, in the caption part (as usual) and then Save Changes. I also figured out how to put them in order – those cute little white boxes to the right of the images. All I had to do was number them and again, Save Changes. Oh, and make sure that it was set/clicked to Menu (order). Voila!

    Not sure why that “2” is at the end of the url but, hey, as long as it gets me to the right page, I’m happy.

    Once again, thank you so much!! The speed from slide-to-slide goes a little faster than I’d like but I believe I read somewhere that I can’t change that. But that’s ok. People can click back to read or stop the show and re-start. ~Lisa


    You’re welcome!

    The “2” shows up probably because you created a new post and trashed a previous one with the exact same title. When you trash a post, it disappears form your actual blog page and gets moved to your trash folder, but it’s not deleted. You can go to Posts > All Posts > Trash and see if that’s the case.

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