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How can I use my blogs when I can't afford to upgrade my mac computer?

  1. I have trouble with adding photos to my blog. I have an old computer so I can't upgrade to a current version of firefox. It seems that every time you upgrade my two blogs you make it harder for me to make posts on my two blogs. Last Friday, I couldn't read my dashboard on Outside In because the error message said my browser was outdated. Well, I can't upgrade anything because of financial problems. Can you put it back to the way it was several months back when I could easily upload photos from my computer and could read my dashboards on both blogs with no problems?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having this problem with my other blog too (

  3. Can you put it back to the way it was several months back when I could easily upload photos from my computer and could read my dashboards on both blogs with no problems?

    That's not possible. Change is the only constant in the universe and it's especially noticeable in cyberspace. You can switch to using another browser. See the browser versions here

  4. Try using a phone, or Windows Live Writer.

  5. Are you able too install Opera browser on your old computer?
    right now Opera still supports many old Operating systems that Firefox and Chrome doesn't.

    I gave this advice before too someone in a forum and they had success when they used Opera with

  6. I've used Opera last year and had tons of problems with it. Then, I was unable to access my blogs using Opera a few months ago.

    I'm not familiar with Windows Live Writer. Is it compatible with my mac system (OS 10.3.9)? I have a smart phone that connects to the internet, but it's not very good when navigating on Facebook or Twitter. I haven't had the chance to try posting on blogs with it.

    I'll check out the browse happy site. Thanks, Timethief.

  7. Windows live writer is for a Windows PC - There is I think Eckto (sp?) that is for a Mac

  8. I just looked at browse happy site, but I didn't see any new browsers I could use. I already have firefox, opera, and safari, but I have trouble with them when it comes to posting on my wordpress blogs.

  9. Microsoft Word can post to blogs. At least the Windows version. Then again, if you cannot upgrade Firefox you may have issues installing Office 2011 on your Mac, should you want to try that.

    I know some people are attached to their Macs, but really you can get a PC that is spec'd equivalently to a Mac for half the price. You can get mid-range laptops that blow through all productivity/web tasks and can even play some games on medium settings for a 1/3rd the price of a MacBook.

    If you're having financial issues, a Mac may not be the upgrade to look at.

    Just my opinion.

    If blogger works on your PC it may be your only choice. Move your blog to blogger and post the move on your current blog.

  10. Depending on how old your Mac is, it may not be so very expensive to update the operating system.

    My OSX is old and I'm reluctant to upgrade from 10.58 because I'm afraid the old software (photoshop, illustrator, word, excell) I use won't be compatible with even the next version (Snow Leopard?).

    My husband bought upgrades to whatever the current OSX is for not much money. About $40 which is much less than buying any new computer: about $20 for Snow Leopard and then $20 for Lion.

    I'm still able to use WordPress without difficulty: which operating system are you using?

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