How can I widen the center column in the Bold Life theme with CSS?

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    Good evening, I’m trying to widen the main column of my site ( which is currently using the Bold Life theme. What is the best way to use CSS to accomplish this?


    The blog I need help with is


    This should get you going. Increase each of the widths by the exact same amount. In other words if you increase the 950px value to 1050px (100px increase) add 100px to the other two width declarations.

    A note on width: There are still a good number of people worldwide on 1024px wide monitors, so if you increase the width past about 1000px, those people will have to scroll horizontally to see your entire site. With this theme, a good bit of the available width is taken up by the date metadata and comment graphic to the left of the content. That means the potential width of the content, if you consider monitor widths, will always be 110px narrower than it could be on a theme that has the date and comment stuff inline with the post content.

    #wrap, #inner-wrap {
    width: 950px;
    .post-wrap {
    width: 710px;
    .entry-wrapper, .wide-entry-wrapper, .page-entry-wrapper {
    width: 590px;

    Thank you very much for the suggestions and the snippet of code. I’m going to experiment with it & see what fits best. Thanks for the heads up about monitors; I use a 13″ laptop at home and have a 27″ at work so I can see how the experience would differ greatly.


    You are welcome.

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