how can I work on an uploaded image? there is no function…

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    the size of the uploaded picture is too small. function has changed, sometimes two pictures can be uploaded, sometimes only one… how can I enlarge the picture in the blog? there is no function of working with the uploaded image, how to find it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Edit the image and look to the right menu at the bottom to change the size of the embedded image. You may have to delete the image and put it back in again.



    I should have been more specific. Edit the POST with the image and click on the image and select EDIT to change the size.


    thanx lorelle, for answering! but there is no menu or edit function!
    do you perhaps know if the preset menu standard, image or gallery makes a difference? I tried all of them, but then the image vanished and was gone at all….sorry, its kind of complicated to describe…..if you have a look at my blog you can see that the last three posts all have these tiny pictures. How to get the big ones as before?
    thank you for answering, have a good evening! Sabine

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