How can I wrap text around thumbnails?

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    Hi (and thanks in advance),

    When I insert thumbnail photos (right or left justified), there are large line spaces created in my copy and it looks awful. How can I get the text to wrap around the image (without overlapping it of course)? Also, when I have 2 images in the same paragraph and am revisiting them to add comments underneath, images that are halfway down the text spring to the top so both images are at the top of the paragraph with the text in the middle. The only way round this seems to be deleting and reinserting but that also leads to problem above!

    Appreciate your time!

    The blog I need help with is



    In the visual editor there are alignment buttons (left- center- right)that you can use to create text wrapping. You simply click the thumbnail and click the alignment icon and the text will wrap. See>


    Thanks for being so quick! I tried what you suggested but it moved the text under the image and also moved all the images to one side.

    I have a feeling I didn’t explain my question very well, could you take a look at the ‘Holiday’ section on my blog please? The top post ‘The Cheesecake Factory is the door to heaven’ is a perfect example. There are large spaces above and below the images and when I inserted the second image, it split a sentence in half! As much as I have tried to delete the gaps, I always eventually end up deleting the image!




    I have examined the post you refer to. I am using this browser Firefox 3.5.7 and what I see is that all the images are demonstrating proper text wrapping and every image has a caption.

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