How can links show up as underlined or colored??

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    (I’m new here, so forgive the newbie question.)

    Since raw html coding is blocked by wordpress hosting, all my instincts are flawed… finally figured out how to add a link (via the great, but not-great-enough, FAQ) but it doesn’t show up on the blog as underlined, colored or even bolded. How do I make a link more obvious to readers?



    I answered this initially in feedback.

    There is a workround however: Write your piece, then click the HTML button. And from there you can change the colour, add an underline or bold it.
    It MUST go inside the a tags.

    It’s not in the FAQ because it’s not fulfilled the FA bit yet :)



    Actually it was the first place I looked and it wasn’t in there.


    Thanks, Podz, I appreciate the workaround– I like the theme, but got no answer from the theme designer, who shall remain nameless, about why the @#$% links (I was more polite about it) weren’t differentiated.

    Plus now I get to use good ole html. It’s funny how “ease of use” is harder to use sometimes.

    (Also always good to know I’m not blind when reading FAQs, Dr.M!)



    Hey everybody – I’m new here as well and have a newbie follow-up question.

    I tried what Podz recommended (I searched and found thecode for the color I wanted, the copied and pasted it in to the code after hitting the HTML button) and had no luck. I’m completely new to this, though, and am not sure if I’m inserting it into the right place. I saw that it must go inside the a tags and took my best shot(s) at determining where that means. Each time the code I pasted in would create some other change in the text or be rejected by WordPress.

    Here is some code I pulled from my blog:

    [deleted non blog link – drmike]

    How would I insert the code for Dark Orange1 #F87217 into this?

    I apologize for the newbie question – I just want people to see my links!



    I don’t see a blog there. Are you sure you’re in the right place as I don’t see a blog here at of yours.



    Sorry – my blog is

    I tried to paste code into my initial message but it showed up as a link.



    If you have the CSS upgrade, just add in ‘text-decoration: underline;’ to the ‘a’ tags. If you don’t, the themes are uneditable as, if they were, you would be editing it for everubody else as well.

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