How can my friend be an editor or author on my blog, if invite doesn't work

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    I created my blog yesterday called CritterFriends. My problem is this, I live on the east coast, and my friend on the west coast wants to be an author or an editor on my blog. In other words we want to work the blog together. I have sent her several invites and she can’t seem to get signed up as a user. What can we do to solve this problem?
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    The blog I need help with is


    Your friend will need to click the Accept Invitation link in the email sent to them before they’ll be added to your blog.

    If they aren’t seeing that email, can you have them check their spam/junk folder? (Our emails can get caught in there sometimes.)


    Thanks, but that didn’t work. She got an error message saying this:
    “Whoops, you can’t use an activation key you’ve created for someone else.”


    Can you make sure she’s logged into the account where you sent the invite as listed in Users -> Invite New?


    Maybe tomorrow, it’s 11pm here in NY, and she is in pacific time 3hrs. earlier, in Washington state. I’m going to talk to her on the phone tomorrow morning. I’m going to bed now.



    You’re welcome, that sounds like a plan! :)

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