How can non-wordpress users Like my posts?

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    I thought the new “Like” button would be ideal – a quick way for a reader to acknowledge a post without having to republish it anywhere, or leave a comment, but if you don’t have a wordpress account you can’t see it.
    I’d like for my readers to be able to “Like” a post without having to be a wordpress user or use Facebook “like” . Is there a feature or widget that allows this?

    If not, please consider it!

    The blog I need help with is


    Nope, its for logged in users only by design.

    The facebook like button is also a no because doesnt allow javascript so that wont work.

    You have to go self hosted if you wanted the facebook button, all you can do is add a facebook share button.



    That’s not true: You can use the Share feature to add a Facebook Share button, but you can also use it to put a real Facebook Like button on your posts:

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