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How can one Embed a Flash File into Blog?

  1. How is it possible to embed a Flash file of my own, so that it plays in WordPress like youtube or google?

    Phil Jayhan

  2. Flash files can't be embedded. Here is the FAQ. Just the normal videos that allows can be played.


  3. You might be able to convert it to a YouTube though, and post that.

  4. WHY NOT?? There's a lot of fun stuff on flash, why not allow embedding?? :(

  5. Can I add flash? video? Embed other media?
    For security reasons we remove the tags needed for the above. Your intentions may be innocent but someone somewhere would try to damage the site.
    Currently we allow the linking to files from Google Video, Youtube, DailyMotion, Grouper, Odeo, and SplashCast. is a multi-user blogging platform and allowing such embeds could lead to compromising the security of all other bloggers. However, there is an alternative available to you. blogs run oin completely different software and you can either self-host a free blog download from or hire a web host to do this for you.

    For further information please consult the sticky post at the head of the forum titled Please read me first before posting

  6. WHY NOT?? There's a lot of fun stuff on flash, why not allow embedding?? :(

    There are many instances about flash and other embeds that can be security risks that the staff of are not willing to expose all users to if one user posts something that would hurt the service. It is a policy issue that they have decided on to protect the rights of themselves and all users on the service. Other services do allow this and have instances of being hacked. has not.


  7. It would be great if comedycentral (Daily Show, Colbert) could be added to the sources like YouTube that can be linked.

  8. Please send your request to staff in a feedback including the reasons you think this would be "great".

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