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How can people view my profile?

  1. I just started a couple of blogs, but I can't seem to find a way for people to view my profile. I don't understand this as I can view my profile and enter a description, etc. But there is no place for anyone to click to access that information. Any help?

  2. I've always wondered too...

  3. There is no particular 'Profile' page for members. That is why most people put up an about page on their blogs and then direct their users to that page for more information on yourself or the blog in general. The only profile page would be the one you have here for the forums, but that is not what you are talking about I don't think.


  4. Some themes have a way to support the display of your profile information out of the backend but I don't think any of them here,

  5. to view and/or edit your own profile visit:

    to view any user profile visit:

    that's how original poster's profile looks like.

    and that's how Adam's does.

  6. Nice one Options. Learn something everyday ;)


  7. thanks, actually kudos should be sent to Adam... and to the creator of cool wp-admin/profile.php page ;-)

  8. Thanks for your input and kudos to oOptions for his/her helpful answer! (and Adam!) Will use this as a work-around, although I still find it odd that there isn't a way for people to click on usernames and be sent to the profile page.

  9. hello stoutchap!

    you can construct a clickable username/picture which would lead a visitor to your profile 'Using the text widget' on your blog.

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