How can readers subscribe to my blog?

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    How do I enable readers to subscribe to my blog? I know it has something to do with RSS, but honestly that’s about all I know. I haven’t been able to figure out the RSS widget. Any help would be great.



    The blog I need help with is



    your readers need to have a feed reader to subscribe to your blog. for instance, i use bloglines so if i want to subscribe to your blog i just add your blog through my bloglines to subscribe to your feed. if your reader doesn’t have a feed reader than they can’t.

    don’t worry about the rss widget. readers who subscribe through rss will know how to do so without it.



    gah, ‘than’ in my reply above is actually ‘then’.


    Thanks Sulz. I’ve seen links on other blogs that allow people to subscribe. Is it possible to add a link like this for the less sophisticated readers?



    RSS subscription IS subscription. What kind of subscription did you have in mind? There’s a way to do email subscription; the instructions for that are in the FAQ.


    Thanks raincoaster. I will try this to see if it works, but I believe this is what I was looking for.



    Hi, I think I found the right topic. Is the email subscription you refer to in the FAQ instructions the type that allows me to use Constant Contact or Mailinglist? i.e. to make a widget for SUBSCRIBE and it goes directly to my Constant Contact form? I want to collect email subscription requests in a mail house so I can do quarterly emails to my list. thank you thank you thank you in advance.



    No, nothing on will work that way. Forms are stripped out. You can use a Contact Form (instructions are in the FAQ) but that will just send you an email.




    on can I see who is subscribing to my blog through Rss feeds?



    i have the same question as ophelia54. is there a way to see who is subscribing to my blog through RSS feeds??


    We do not have anyway to track that right now and from what I know, it is a difficult thing to track accurately. WordPress.COM had a beta feed tracking thing in the stats pages for a while but abandoned it.

    Perhaps contact support directly and request it so that they can log the request in their database.


    I followed the instructions at at least 7 times so far, assuming that I was a novice and therefore had to be getting something wrong. I deleted the feed each time after it didn’t work and started over. However, it is the last step that is the catch–the widget shows up, people can subscribe, people get congratulations on having subscribed, but no subscriptions ever show up at feedburner, and new posts are not emailed. What am I missing on the last step–the one that makes everything worse.

    By the way, since there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat, I went to the other FeedBurner Help entitled “Offering Email Subscriptions to your WordPress blog ( or self-hosted).” same result

    The blog name address I use was:

    The code that I pasted was: Subscribe to Silencetoolong’s Blog by Email

    Since trillion is the new standard, I am trillion times frustrated.



    You have a typo in your feed address.


    First, sorry raincoaster but I am a RANK novice and I couldn’t find this thread when I left the question in the other thread. I apologize–I didn’t even realize that you were talking to me!

    I know the typo is here, but it wasn’t there. If there is a typo in the feed address (which I had at one point when I was trying to do this), it won’t verify the address, so at least it doesn’t let you make that dumb mistake. When I corrected the typo, then it allowed me to proceed–so the typo in the feed address wasn’t a problem.

    I am taking your advice given on the other thread and leaving it for 24 hours–I will see if that works. I actually set up another blog–testsilence–and am testing the feed on that one. See, I’m afraid that if people subscribe to the real one and it’s not working that they won’t come back, so I’m not messing with that right now. I feel terribly alone out there in Word Press. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP!

    Thank you for your patience and your help.

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