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How can someone add to a post I already posted without my permission ?

  1. Hi ,
    The problem is today { sept 1st } I open up my blog and I find a bunch of A'S with this mark above them { ~ } at the beginning of each sentence ? What is going on with my blog ? They did a number of my posts this way ? My blogs name is" Gods Love & Stories of The Past " ! and my email address is papajack @ rose . net . Please let me know what is going on ? Thanks. Ron.

  2. I'm not seeing anything now, did you remove the letters? I would suggest changing your password right away and make it something that is not easy to guess (use number and upper and lower case letters).

  3. And we don't reply by email. We're not paid enough. You have to check the forums again for your answer.

    By the way, never copy and paste from Word, in case that's what you're doing. Quite often that is where the incompatibility and weird formatting comes from.

    What browser are you using to look at the web page that you're seeing this strangeness?

  4. Is it a specific post that has the problem? I couldn't see any strange characters in your posts on your first page.

    Any chance you accidentally changed your browser to a different Character Encoding? This could cause what you're seeing and isn't caused by someone changing the content of your posts.

  5. Thanks , I think it is resolved, my charactor encoding got changed ?

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