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How can someone print a copy of a blogpost? Can I add "print" icon?

  1. maraleightaylor

    Is there a way to add a "print this post" icon so someone can print a specific post so they can tuck it into an envelope and send the copy via snail mail?
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  2. We do have a print icon you can add. You'll find it at Settings > Sharing in your blog's Dashboard.

    We also have more details in our support docs.

  3. maraleightaylor

    Is there a way to get the print icon to reside outside of the "share" button but, rather, be on it's own for those who are not a savvy with what sharing means? To many people like me, sharing does not mean print....

  4. There isn't a way to do that right now but we appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

  5. You can't move the print icon to outside of the sharing area, but you can change the label from "Share this:" to something else if you'd like. Look for the "Sharing label" option on the Settings → Sharing page.

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