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How can Stats go DOWN?

  1. I was checking my stats this afternoon pretty closely because my blog was linked on a major site. And before I share my stats with you let me first say that I am an amateur blogger and stats are relative to your individual situation. (I needed to make that disclaimer because I know these stats are very puny compared to many if not most blogs). Anyway...I have been watching my stats closely this afternoon. The stats are jumping all over the place. When I hit refresh on my browser they would jump from 41 visitors to 27, then back to 40 for example. I cleared all cookies from my browser and tried again. Same thing with slightly different numbers. What could cause stats to go DOWN?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same issue. Up and down. Like each time I'm being directed to a different server and they aren't synched.

  3. I did a quick search of the forums and I'm not seeing anything that explains something like this so what I can do is to tell you what I would do in that case....I would wait for a few hours, may clear itself up and if after that it's still being wacko with you then I would contact support.

  4. sameee problem! It's become so irradic I don't really even check them- plus, i write on my blog not for the viewers but for my own expression

  5. I'm with bats. I agree that you ought to wait a few hours as there may be server changes being made or other backend work being done. If the problem persists then I would file a support ticket and communicate directly with Staff, as volunteers cannot help with such issues.

  6. Even when the stats are working correctly, I have never understood why it jumps so inconsistently. For example, yesterday after posting this my stats said 40, 40, 40, 40, then all of the sudden jumped to 72. I just have a hard time believing that 32 people visited the site in the same 10 minute span after going for hours with no visitors. This is something I have notice every day and not related to the stats going down issue that was going on yesterday. I wish there was a resource that gave a more detailed explanation of how the stats worked.

    I'm not complaining though. is incredible considering what I pay. ;)

  7. Bocraw, with the topic of your blog, I can see 32 people visiting your site within a ten minute span even though you had no visitors.
    I don't get a lot of visitors to my blog and I woke up this morning to major views because of something that was shown on TV last night and the topic that was shown had a lot of peoples curiosity so they searched it out on Google.
    Maybe 32 people saw something on tv and needed more information and found your site.
    Have confidence in your blog that 32 people would read. :)

  8. The difference between 40 and 72 is negligible in internet terms. That's how site jumps go; they happen all at once.

  9. That makes perfect sense. And that makes me rethink the way I am using tags.

  10. Tags and Categories are powerful. When they are relevant to content contained in posts and used appropriately they do draw organic (unpaid) traffic. Some visitors will be targeted (have a long term interest in that specific topical information); some will be curious only. The stats will show you what's happening when you look at the bounce rate ie. the percentage of visitors who enter and exit on the same page without visiting any other pages on the same site.

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