How can viewers find a blog on WordPress

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    Seeing as that people posts blogs for others to read – and maybe even comment on – one would think that WordPress would make it possible for people to access a WordPress Blog.

    How the “heck” can I view Ollibiotech blog on this site!!!!!????



    Type the full and blog correct url into the appropriate spot on your taskbar and click “go”.
    For example the url for my blog is

    (1) If you know the blogger in question then email them and ask for the url to their blog.
    (2) If you do not know the correct url then click on “tags” on the top of this forum page. It will take you to the wp press tag page. Click on the subject matter associated with the blog and a new page will come up. Find any blog post from the blog you want and click on the title.
    (3) If that doesn’t work then do a google blog search.
    Usernames are private and confidential information WordPress does not give them out. There are over 600,000 wordpress blogs. If the blogger has a private blog then that is their choice and not wordpress’s choice.
    HTH :)

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