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How can we change the vodpod box

  1. on the site you can change the vodpod box to look like the rest of your site, but I see no controlls for thar on the dashboard.

  2. Don't you owe us some steak dinners? ;)

    Anyway, afraid you don't. Usually those widgets are being driven by javascripts and they would have to be set on vodpods side. Since they're pretty much locked down on this side, we can't adjust them.

  3. darn, well it is posible to work something out with them, on one of my sites I have a widjet that lets you change the settings for the widget from their site so you dont have to repast the code, infact technocraties widget is like that.

    PS: those steak dinners are in the mail.

  4. OK, well we don't have a technocraties widget. Are you sure you're in the right place? You do realize that these forums are only for the blogs. If you're hosted elsewhere, you need to be over at as that's the support site for the software.

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