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How can we create different categories within one post?

  1. We have multiple images and videos in one posting. And we want to be able to group them in different categories. How can we do that, does someone know?


  2. er, assign them to more than one category?

    Do be aware that too many categories/tags on a single Post can work against you:

  3. err, we mean individual images or videos in one same post with different categories each of them.


  4. Unless I'm totally not getting what it is you want to do, it still sounds like you are talking about one single Post containing a number of videos and images, so use multiple categories/tags.

    A link to the Post in question would certainly assist. :)

  5. Categories and tags can only be assigned to posts, not to elements within posts. Perhaps you need to make multiple posts if it is important that things in the post have different categories or tags.

  6. Thanks for your help!!

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