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How can we do a Tag search now?

  1. Hi,

    Awhile back a person could search the Tags and Categories being used on all the blogs by just clicking a link that was on the WP home page. But now that link is gone and they don't seem to be welcoming a Tags and Categories search. I like to see what is being written on subjects that I'm interested in. If WordPress is discouraging searches on Tags and Categories, how do they expect to increase traffic or even encourage people to get started blogging.

    Blogging is supposed to be a sort of "community" thing, but taking away our access to Tags and Categories disables people from seeing who is in their community. It's like being blinded. It does not make sense to me and I'm wondering if and when they will enable us to search for Tags and Categories.

    Thank you for your reply.


  2. Is this the link you are looking for?

  3. Yes, I think it is. Thank you. Can you tell me why it is no longer readily available in a button on the home page, like it used to be?

  4. I'm sorry but I don't know the answer to that. Perhaps Staff would consider adding it again. In the meanwhile, I have bookmarked the link to the tag pages and suggest you do the same.

  5. Why? Because they decided to redesig the homepage. does what does for whatever reason has. I don't welcome the

    Tags and categories are not gone, they work exactly as they did before. They're just no longer on the home page. The Tags page is still there. Clicking tags and categories on your blog brings up related blogs. You can use the Tag Surfer or Blog Surfer to find related blogs. You can use the Search function. I don't see how WordPress is discouraging searches or decreasing traffic, let alone discourage people from starting to blog.

    And BTW, did you know that when you log in to you have the tags readily available to you? By default there is the "My Blogs" list of your blogs as the home page, but if you look, there is also a tab called "Tags" next to it.

  6. oops... a sentence at the top got cut off there

    I don't welcome the change, but I'm ok with it.

  7. timethief --- Thank you so much. I bookmarked that link and it does take me exactly where I want to go. I discovered that that link is to what they call the Global Tags. I'll be using that often.

    husdal --- Thank you for your reply. As one of those.......aaahhh......."elderly folk" that might be considered a little dense about the techie "ins" and "outs" of blogging, I tried exploring each of the options you presented. They seemed to make finding what I wanted more complicated and lengthy than it needs to be --- and are available only to a WP blogger as far as I can see.

    When some of us "elderly folk" want to check out how to blog or even which blog service would fit us best, we really do need a link on the WP home page because we don't have a clue about the many aspects of blogging. Learning takes time. No link = puzzlement. Too much puzzlement makes us forget what we were looking for --- that Alzhiemer's problem, you know. ;)

    Oh well, we blithely blog in the blind much of the time and really appreciate learning on the forums. This is a great help in figuring those "ins" and "outs" of blogging. So, thank you again.


  8. husdal --- Now I see what you mean when you say, "You can use the search function." Here's what threw me. Some time ago I tried using that on a number of my Tags and it always came up with a message saying it could not be found. So, I figured it was just a "Help" function and stopped trying. But, now I see that it does find tags throughout WP. Don't ask me where the glitch might have been. I can see an older newbie trying to use that search box for tags. And yet, it would be nice if there was a notation to that effect to lead them to do just that. Thank you.


  9. Margaret,

    Sorry if I cam off a bit brunt...maybe I've been WP too long and forget that I once was a newbie without a clue myself, let alone getting closer and closer to where I would have to call my self "elderly", too.

    I am glad you worked it out.

  10. husdal --- I would really like to thank you for cluing me in on that search box again. I had given up on it all too easily. Since it really works, it is a nifty and quick way to search the tags I'm interested in.

    I checked out your blog site, and sure enough, you're into some really deep stuff with all the research. Kudos to you!!! It's awesome! I'm glad there's someone who can do all that.

    And, I need to apologize for being a picky old lady. Altogether too often, it takes a lot of doing to get a message through to me. Thank you for your patience in helping me out.


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