How can we get access to the latest versions of themes?

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    I’ve noticed that both Cutline and Pressrow have been updated but god forbid if you’re able to upload them for your blog. Is there something I don’t know about or is this going to be another “upgrade”?


    Well, it seems the staff don’t upgrade themes to their newer versions too often. The concern is about all the complaints they’d have from folks who don’t want whatever changes or new features the upgrade contains. Personally, I’d like them to move to the newest version of Cutline. But I understand their concern. Still, it seems to present a quandry: Long term, how do we avoid our themes becoming downright antiquated? I would think sometimes providing an upgrade as an option or for a limited time only or something might be an idea.



    Picking a theme that doesn’t visually date or getting the CSS upgrade and customizing your blog would be the two ways to keep fresh that occur to me. Of the two, the CSS upgrade is the more flexible, and I would think it the best way. Carlos, you already have that, so you’re not limited in the appearance of your blog. Just tweak away!

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