How can we tell you about ads that offend us?

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    Please do not allow ads that flash and show one or more ways to dismiss them that instead make a new tab and give a whole page of unwanted further advertising. In fact, I suggest that all ads automatically come with a button to indicate annoyance with the subject or form of the ad. Another button to indicate that an ad is appreciated would also be appropriate. So far, as a reader, abusive ads make me want to avoid WordPress sites. I think you don’t want to offend me and many others. Please let us help you do that.

    The blog I need help with is



    All of ads are family-friendly. If you feel an ad is inappropriate please take a screenshot of it, upload it via Media -> Add New to your Media Library. Then return to this thread to post the file name to let Staff them know it’s there for them to view.

    Also note to eliminate all advertising on our free hosted blogs we can purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

    P.S. I don’t have the time or inclination to view or ruminate over which ads are offensive or not. I detest all advertising on blogs that’s why my main blog has a No-Ads upgrade. As for me, I use and Ad Blocker like millions of others do and I suggest you download one for your browser. They work very well.

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