How can wordpress can improve the print function?

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    1. The printed copy should have the date of the post.

    2. The printed copy should have the complete URL for the blog.
    Blog url:



    The post’s date should be seen in the printed version – the browser usually adds the URL.

    What are you trying to print? Can you show me a few links?


    1. Google Chrome browser does not print the URL at the bottom of the page, but Internet Explorer does. I prefer Chrome. How can I get it to print the URL?

    2. Both versions do not print the posting date of the post. This is an important date. Why not?



    1. This is a limitation of the browser. I’m not sure why, but Google chose not to include it in any of their prints.

    2. The date of the post is included in the print out in the approximate position that it is with the post page, within the data paragraph below the actual post.

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