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HOW? Categories + Sub Categories + Amount Posted

  1. Hello
    1. I'd like to have sub-categories appear under its parent category on wordpress any theme for that matter.
    2. I'd like to have the amount of posts made in that category show in a form of numbers.
    Computer Technology (200)
    -Hardware (100)
    -Software (100)
    with the Parent Category showing a total amount.
    How do I do this?

    Thanks if you can answer me.

  2. Those things are theme-dependent, I believe. Certainly the second one is.

  3. hmm I think theres a plugin for the sub categories. I'm trying to find it, having a hard time and too many 3rd party sites, not sure who to trust =(

  4. NVM it was so simple!

  5. I am also trying to make a parent category with subcategories. I have done so in the "Manage" section, but the parent category does not appear on my blog-- only the subcategories appear as normal. What might I be doing wrong? Does it mean my theme just doesn't support this? Thanks for the help.

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