How certain blog are displayed on home page?

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    I was just curious on how it is determined which blogs on make it to the main page. Seems like a great way to get people to read your blogs. I just want to know if my blog has the opportunity to make it on the main page?

    The blog I need help with is



    Read the article on Freshly Pressed in the support pages and look through the related links too.



    Thank you!


    I read ithat article @hallluke and I still don’t know what else I can do to my page. Is there something I am doing wrong or is ther just too many great blogs out there that mine will just have to wait? I just don’t know what else to do. I want to make sure I’ve crossed all my “t’s” and dotted all my “i’s” or am I just dillusional that my blog is even any good? I guess to make it on Freshly Pressed would be a confirmation that I am doing a great job. As a stay home mom I don’t get graded, evaluated or recieve feedback so blogging has become my hobby, job and outlet and I need some type of reinforcement, lest I go crazy! Sorry, I was having a mommy dramatic moment :) but seriously what can I do?



    There are a lot of blogs – 15,000,000 I think on and I think 500,000 Posts each day – long shot –

    The other question that might sound rude, but why are you blogging? and why do you want my approval?

    Me – I don’t even worry about Freshly Pressed – nothing I write will ever get there – just the nature of what I write and what my site is and who my target audience is.

    Your blog is also only one month old – most sites take time to build readers.

    I think you would be better off taking timethief’s suggestions – rather than worrying if you will be one of 6 Posts out of maybe 500,000 each day.

    Good luck –


    @auxclass thank you so much for that reality check comment. Funny just last night I reminded myself the reason for why I blog is to have actual documentation for my children when they grow up so that they could see that their mama loved being their mother and how I enjoyed the journey of motherhood with them. My boys smiles and I loves you is my confirmation. I feel so selfish for wanting anything more. I guess that’s the detailed-oriented, business woman, sales driven person I was before I became a mother. Sorry for the rambling, this is actually very good for me. Thanks again and next time I feel a need for confirmation, I’ll read this comment I just wrote.

    much love,



    @auxclass – oh, I don’t know – I just peeked – I think people are into your sort of information! I don’t own a boat, but I love the sea.



    @trainingupmyboys – You be welcome & good luck with your blog. People do blogs and sites for an unlimited number of reasons and yours will probably change a bit as things go along.

    @teamoyeniyi – I just meant that I would not make Freshly Pressed – I have a niche market – boating safety and skills – I am proud of my modest contribution and I hear from friends and students that they found helpful information – in the 5 months since I moved here and started tracking visitors I have had people from 105 countries visit so I would like to think that I have made a small contribution to boating safety and skills to those visitors. My site has changed several times in the few years since I could not pass up the URL when it fell out of registration. But the story would get a bit off topic.




    Based on my experience, I just follow the little tips that is here:

    And somehow, while still writing and writing every day, I get a lot of visitors.
    In recent weeks, my blog is always included in the top 20 or even top 10 in BOTD for Indonesian language blog.

    Even on March 8, 2011, the blog gets the most visitors, reaching 27,566 pageviews a day.

    Write and write what I wanted to write, that’s what I do. That is all I’ve done so far.

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