How change the order of the left sidebar?

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    I’d like to change the order of the left sidebar on the EP site.

    So far it is not clear how this is done or if it can be done with the Dusk to Dawn theme.

    I will further study the Learning Center articles, in the meantime Pointers will be gratefully received.

    I do not yet understand for example if META is a menu or something else. Under ABOUT, the three are pages. I would like to move one.

    I created HIGHLIGHTS as a menu, but don’t see how to change the order in the sidebar. Or how to move Wisdom Sayings – Art and Quotes to be an item under Highlights.

    The sidebar currently looks like this, with some sub-categories left off for simplicity:






    What’s on your mind?
    Wisdom Sayings ~ Art and Quotes




    I would like to change the order to:


    Wisdom Sayings ~ Art and Quotes

    What’s on your mind?






    The blog I need help with is


    Pardon me. I discovered after posting above that HIGHLIGHTS was a text widget rather than a menu. Deleted.

    Pointers will still be helpful.


    I am beginning to understand that changes I make may not show up for 24 hours or more. Menu items I set up two days ago just appeared today.

    So, I will start giving more time when changes don’t appear, before asking in the forums.



    1) Each section of your sidebar is a widget. You change the order in Appearance > Widgets, by dragging individual widgets vertically inside the “Sidebar” area to position them above or below others.
    If and how you can change the order or the number of items listed in a widget depends on the particular widget.

    2) “Wisdom Sayings [etc]”, “About”, and “What’s on your mind?” are your three published static pages. If you want two of them under one heading and the other one under a different heading, then you need two separate widgets: they can be Pages widgets, or Custom Menu widgets, or even Links widgets, or any combination of two of these widgets. If you have already created “Highlights” as a menu in Appearance > Menus, and added “Wisdom Sayings” to it, then the easier way is:
    a) create another menu (“About”) and add the other two pages to it;
    b) go to Appearance > Widgets, add two Custom Menu widgets to Sidebar, select the one menu in the one widget, the other menu in the other widget, save both, then open the Pages widget and delete it.

    3) Such changes normally show up immediately on your actual blog page. If you don’t see them after refreshing the page, then you’re probably using a browser version that clings too much to cached pages; so, after making changes, try clearing your browser’s cache. What browser and version are you using?


    Good morning, justpi,

    Your response merits in-depth reading. Until then, I will just respond to your question, ‘What browser and version are you using?’

    Answering comes with some charged emotion – good practice for letting go!

    In a nutshell, after laptop issues led me to doing three factory default restores in about two weeks, as of this week I have Internet Explorer 9. Posts between me and the more technically advanced filled volumes on the Microsoft forums.

    The system is humming happily now.



    Note: If you are using an IE9 browser in compatibility mode that makes it render as IE7 and IE7 is not supported. To disable see >


    Went to the page from the link, followed the instruction, returned to WP.

    A large, red message popped up saying in part,

    ‘You are using an insecure browser!

    Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser.’

    I could look this up, but since we are talking anyway, what is a browser that others are using most successfully on WP?



    The browsers and versions of them that supports are here Please upgrade.



    Went to the page. It must have had some interaction with the laptop, just to go to the page, as the mouse and keyboard momentarily stopped working. I have used all the browsers shown except Safari over the years – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and others. Each had problems which prompted me to delete them.

    So, the page is saying an upgrade to my present browser is Internet Explorer 10. This is a conundrum, which could be better understood by a visit to the Microsoft forums where users are complaining of issues with I E 10 on Windows 7, my operating system.

    I don’t know the exact cause of the past issues on my laptop, but had a sense that when I ‘upgraded’ from 9 to 10 before, the issues were at least complicated.

    I will be slow to do this again. Will give it plenty of time to see if I can live with any burps and bumps while using 9.



    Just now, I have posted this question on the Microsoft Support forum:

    Is there a safe way to upgrade from IE 9 to IE 10 on Windows 7?

    If you like, will let you know.


    If you go here: it will tell you what browser you are using, and what version you are on. If you are on IE 9, it is recommended you upgrade it to IE 10, or a different browser altogether.

    You really should be able to download IE 10 for Windows 7 at this link:

    I can’t speak for any issues that IE 10 on windows 7 has, since I wouldn’t dream of using IE, as would a lot of people in this forum, but the issues shouldn’t be that severe. Which goes for Firefox and Chrome. But of course it is up to you as to what browser you want to use, and timethief is just suggesting a different browser to see if that resolves the issue, since plenty of the problems are browser related. Using the latest version of browsers tends to fix problems (that’s why there are new versions released) and as browser are constantly updated, wordpress can’t support the outdated browsers, since that would take too much time, when really people should just upgrade their browser.


    Right. As you know, text talking has its limitations. Sometimes the message meant is written unclearly or misinterpreted. I have good humor and good faith about what you and timethief expressed.

    Just returned to one of the threads I started on the MS forum – and it brought back the ’emotional energy’ of the issues. Some began with IE 10. My sense was that there were conflicts between the IE 10 installation and other programs/updates on the laptop. So reading timethiefs message, I was starting to feel by intuition that this time, instead of downloading the IE 10 file, I would wait for it to appear in Windows Update.

    Funny, when I went to the page tt linked to, and reported that the mouse stopped working, it was actually apparently that Windows was setting up the update in the background, causing the laptop to ‘burp.’

    As a few minutes later the IE 10 option appeared in Update. Well, we know that IE and MS talk to each other when the user sets it so. Steaming ahead in trust, I installed 10.

    Though I resisted Internet Explorer since first computing in 1982, until last summer when Chrome failed twice, after Firefox failed a few years ago, I have been very pleased overall with IE and Bing.

    Curious, what browser do you use?


    Yes Windows does like to push Internet Explorer on its users through Windows Updates, so I’m not surprised it was giving an update option. I would agree that reinstalling the software isn’t the best way to go, and I you should be able to update by going to the cog and then About Internet Explorer and when there are new updates there is a link there, so you don’t have to download the whole thing again.

    I hope that now with the update browser you can now fix up your widgets as you wanted to.

    I use Firefox, and haven’t had any issues with it. I have chrome installed as well, so I can have two separate accounts of things like outlook running, so I don’t have to keep logging in and out. And IE is on the computer, but hasn’t and won’t be updated, though it is handy when I want to check how things look logged out of things (like wordpress) since I’m not logged into anything there.


    My computing experience is also complicated by being in Germany. For years until 2007-8 I used Firefox, until it did not work with the U.K.-based service provider for my website. Tech support advised Chrome. Eventually I returned to the U.S.

    Chrome was my browser until it crashed completely just as we were getting ready to moved from California back to Germany. I gave it a 2nd chance, but it crashed again.

    I was delighted to see the changes in IE, as it have never before been my browser of choice. Can’t say anything was pushed on me, certainly not any more than Firefox or Chrome were, as I elected the Windows settings to be updated, and was looking for 10 to appear.

    This time I wanted to be sure to not download a file from a web site, as that had been problematic before, and instead to install from Update. The timing was perfect.

    ‘I hope that now with the update browser you can now fix up your widgets as you wanted to. ‘

    Thanks for your good wishes, and the same to you.



    The most reliable browsers are Safari and Firefox. Whenever problems posted here prove to be browser related, it’s usually IE, often Chrome, rarely Safari or Firefox.


    Thanks. If it comes to installing an alternative browser, I’ll make it Firefox then.

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