How change the top blog title to show category?

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    Maybe I’m confusing this with other blogware (I have tested several the past weeks). But as I remember, the blog’s name that shows at the top of index.php will change to the category’s name when I select a category. Only it suddenly (?) doesn’t work. Regardless of which category I’m in, the blog’s name stays at the top.

    How can I make it reflect the category? Or, if I have mistaken this from some other blogware: How can I CLEARLY show the user which category he/she is in at all times? Like e.g. a “current” status in the menu or something?

    (If I have managed to create the most enigmatic post this week, ask for clarification).



    The blog title here at will stay the same on all pages. If you click on a category the name of the category is typically shown at the top of the post area and will show something similar to “Archive for the ‘categoryname’ Category.”



    Thanks for reply, and I’m slamming my forehead to the desk in shame and embarrassment. I completely forgot to say that I’m not using, but the standalone blog wordpress 2.3.2.

    …or maybe this forum is ONLY for the online blog service? :-( I have posted at’s forum, but feel that that forum more or less is unusable….. I thought this was a “sister” forum… no?


    I have checked to see if the category shows anywhere – it doesn’t.
    So, unless the user keeps perfect track of his/her clicks, he/she will soon forget where he/she is.
    Any hint about what I might do to fix this? I’ll be happy to have the category name show at the top of the “content” div or as a highlighted link in the menu. In fact, I’d be happy for anything better than this.




    “I completely forgot to say that I’m not using, but the standalone blog wordpress 2.3.2

    the multi-user software used here at wordpress. com is different from the software from wordpress. org so you will have to get your answer from the other forum you posted to


    Thanks tester21,

    …and sorry for misunderstanding.
    Dang… I didn’t like that forum at all…. this was much better and seems to be more active… I asked this Q there 2-3 days ago, but I assume it has drowned among a gazillion other. Even I can’t find it…


    (I’ll leave this topic open in case someone comes up with a reply anyway)



    if you click the support link here this is what you find

    We only support WordPress blogs hosted here on, so if your blog URL doesn’t have “” you should seek support elsewhere

    so i doubt that leaving this topic open here will produce the results you expect

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